October, the month in which the astral doors are open and there we can connect with the afterlife to receive or send thoughts, messages, requests. The month in which the forces and energies are powerful. We want to send a small gift to our beloved ancestor? But we do not want direct contact? so no channel and no evocation?
Then we prepare a small altar, even a small table or stool will go well, in the middle we put a white candle and light the candle, prepare the mortar a smoke with 3 drops of olive oil that is used to join well-herbs-3 grains incense, 3 damiana grains and fresh rosemary or if you prefer 3 petals of white or red rose. We pulverize well in a mortar focusing on the person you want to send the message to and what we want to communicate.
when the herbs and grains are pulverized form a ball and fire up the charcoal, put it on and sit well in the ground or on a comfortable cushion. Let us imagine that our thoughts through the smoke of fumigation reach the top and the person to whom they are intended, you can write a letter to this person and then burn the candle flame, imagine that the person is in front of you and you can communicate. if you prefer, you can also bless the person with a simple formula like this: May you have peace and joy in your journey, may you stand by me in difficult times, you can meet me in the next life, may the angels – or divinity- accommodate you in your arms.

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