Blue color in the aura

The blue color indicates intellectual and spiritual faculties. Indicated as a cold color that evokes calm, calm and silence. Symbolize proximity to tranquility, altruism, mental openness, continuous evolution.

You must always interpret the colors together and observe the proximity of the chakras and the golden field, but also the quality of the aura. Even in psychology, blue color represents acute sensation, peace, inner calm, and is a color that was used in chromotherapy to relax and calm the minds but also as an anti-inflammatory aid.


A bright blue indicates a witty person.

A pale almost celestial indicates a shy, indecisive, reserved, discreet person.

In contrast, dark blue indicates a great innate and spontaneous spirituality of mysticism and healing. It indicates a person with a great moral strength, duty, who continually strives to grow and broaden his / her knowledge.

A too dark blue indicates a lunatic person, not compliant with judgments or thoughts, dominant and with dictatorships.

Be aware that the blue color shading with dots or shades or reddish streaks indicates stubbornness, obstinacy, selfishness, a person who does a few scruples to get what he wants.

The blue with the presence of gray color shows us a person who either is or is temporarily discouraged, pessimistic, often indicating a discomfort or a psychological disorder.

Blue, sky-color: a beautiful color with an intense meaning. Honesty and sincerity, a person with great moral and idealist values, aspiring to universal peace. People who present this color in the third eye and crown chakra often have problems with pollution by developing allergies. They often deal with nature and environment.

The problems of these people are balancing and reconciling daily life with the spiritual life and often questioning themselves and becoming influencing.

Light blue with pink or golden styles shows us the highest forms of esotericism and spirituality, a very deep and pure inner faith, an old soul with a special mission in the earthly world that transcends material, intense energy, innate mysticism, high divine gifts .

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