Black Turmaline

Very well known and applied in ancient times before Christ is the BLACK TURMALINE.

Already the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians, in general, of the traveling people, recognized that the tourmalines are pyroelectric crystals, which build up by heating or rubbing magnetic poles and becomes extremely magnetic.
According to a legend from Egypt, the tourmaline traveled from the interior of the earth over the rainbow of the antique God, up to the sun, which he brought to light.
In the magic, the black tourmaline is used to ward off black magic and eliminate its own or foreign negativities and emotions and energies.

The ancient Egyptians process the black tourmaline in chains to make love and friendships. No one Crystal have so much power to vanish black magic and bad evils or entities.Against energiesvampire and absorbing and transforming of negative and bad energies and thoughts and feelings.Psychologically and mentally, the soul and the psyche of envy, jealousy and misery of other people.

While it frees itself from negative energies, it strengthens the concentration and the attention and promotes the expression of creativity and creates a relaxed calm atmosphere and acts against anxiety. Helps with stress and mismanagement. This healing stone allows confidence and perseverance to develop.

Body: cleans the nervous system and solves complaints caused by internal blockage and is suitable for scarring.
The black tourmaline relieves arthritis, heart disease, and strengthens the muscle system and stimulates the vitality.

Tourmaline can be worn as a trailer but can also be placed at home or in the working area because it has electromagnetic radiation influences such as earth and computer radiation neutralization.

To maintain and unload regularly, clean under running lukewarm water. Then the Black Tourmaline is recharged in the sunlight
re-establish their magnetic properties.

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