Berkana Bjarka also called, is the rune that is associated with birch, a very positive rune that expresses and symbolizes femininity in all the most hidden meanings, from announcement of pregnancy to women, to children but also to be understood as ferticlità fertile ideas , conceiving ideas, implement and achieve something, but also to start something new or a new life, a new relationship is love, friendship or work. so even a run ache shows us that we are looking for ourselves and we are finding ourselves, capendoci, recognizing. Even in the sexual side this rune indicates the sexual act that comes from feeling true and deep and leads to conception. Berkana is a huge energy that reminds us of the Mother Earth so venerated in Nordic and Celtic traditions, with the birch were built cradles it Cots, parchments which was engraved the symbol of the rune to invoke prosperity, security and peace.
If the rune Berkana emerges overturned this rune indicates immaturity, confusion, abandonment, delays, mental rigidity and physical stunting, disharmony, but also lust.


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