Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, on September 29, today is his day, his name means Who is like God? MI KA-EL
He is known and revered in almost all religions as one who with his army fought against the demons and the prince of inferi.In some traditions is regarded Jesus as the incarnation of the archangel on Terra.Viene often depicted with his horde angels who fight against the devil, holding a sword facing the’alto and one foot crushes the dragon or snake. It is said that at the beginning of Creation him Lucifer and the angel of light- angels were more close to God, before Lucifer betrayed him. Esoterically Michele is invoked and prayed for protection from enemies, from the threat, injustice, his flaming sword, brings light into the darkness and gives clarity in dangerous and complicated situations, in exorcisms is invoked with the exorcism composed by Pope Leo XIII Satan and the rebellious angels.
Jewish prayer of protection:
In the name of the Lord,
God of Israel, both
Michael to my right,
Gabriel at my left,
before me Uriel,
behind me Raphael,
and over my head
the divine presence of God.

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