According to legend, a siren jumped into the water a clear color stone, was the aquamarine and has since been called the stone protector of those who go to sea, it is said that aquamarine can protect their lives in case of squalls and storms . All aquamarine are attributed different qualities since ancient times, gives chiarezzae clear mind, he gives the power to be able to distinguish good from evil, gives the power of clairvoyance, gives courage to solve situazion and issues left, gives determination, strength to cope with change and self-confidence. The aquamarine is a miraculous and powerful source of interior and spiritual growth, gives us confidence, vision, peace, help us to express our creativity, fights anxieties and fears.
In the body it is a great help because adjusts the hormonal system and helps the digestive and respiratory systems, improves eyesight and combats respiratory disorder caused by allergies. The aquamarine is the stone of harmonization and balance, gives peace by eliminating confusion, empathy helps people to balance the energies they receive from other people and to filter our own emotions and energies.

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