Amethyst is a pure stone of many facets and a thousand powers.the legend, a beautiful nymph named Ametis was transformed by the goddess Diana in a shining stone to save her from the passion of Bacco.Il name it derives from the greek amuthustein that means not being drunk. In fact, it gives the power to combat drunkenness .Questa stone is pure and belongs to the family of quartz. Psychologically reinforces the mood defeating evil thoughts, fears, panic, phobias, nostalgia, sadness and stress, complex of inferiority esviluppa the capacity of love. In ancient times many men regalvano women an amethyst ring to be loved and ensure loyalty. If the evening after a hard day you hold in your palm an amethyst will feel relaxed, calm, full of strength and optimism. This stone gives it balance that becomes peace and harmony even restlessness .Esoteric: meditations is placed on the third eye, developing clairvoyance, the introspection, stimulates intuition, favorisc and spiritual journeys, and brings prophetic dreams. very often it can be held overnight in spring water and then the water is drunk to internalize its properties.
its purple color is very important for its depth and purity, color purity, purification, of divine love and universal, symbolizes mistery, magic, wisdom, eroticism and justice. very often the amethyst crystal is defined sacredness of divine justice.

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