Amber is a fossil resin from coniferous, colors of yellow to reddish. Is classified as stone or chrystal for their property even if it is not, it is one of the most resins used in ancient times in all traditions, the Mother Goddess symbol for Celtic priestesses, resin they lived in the souls of dead animals for the Chinese, amber necklaces adorned the neck of the Christian priests, found in necklaces and pendants in nordgemance and northern European graves.
It is not as capable as the stones and the crystals cleanse and rejuvenate so you have very often wash it with cold tap water and if you break throw in the woods or in a watercourse.
Amber is a resin that absorbs perfectly diseases both physical and psychological extracting them from the body, often covered by a patch is applied to soothe aching muscles and tendons, being soft chewing it helps against toothache and against inflammation to digestive and respiratory systems .
Amber reactivates our power of self-healing, in fact, gives us not only energy, optimism, self-confidence, self-awareness, but also helps fight negative and self-destructive thoughts.
Magically provides protection by absorbing the negativity, often it was placed around the neck or in the cradle of infants, to improve health.
It helps concentration, relaxation, purifies the air and electromagnetic fields.
We can put it under your pillow or carry it with us in a bag or pocket, or in the form of pendant.
In magic, especially in Arab countries, pulverized Tea and mixed to pure frankincense is fumigated to prevent outbreaks of disease and to purify the environment and roads. You can even take a bath with an odd number of amber beads for purification, keep them in hand to help us by meditate and protection during rituals. In ancient times the powder was mixed with incense and pink or lavender in bags or in the rituals of love and fruitfulness, with rosemary and bay leaves to attract success and fortune.

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